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Total Austral promotes dialog as an active partner in local development

Within the framework of Phoenix Networking Plan, two workshops and two community gatherings took place.

Total Austral carried out a set of engagement workshops as part of the early networking with the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and Southern Atlantic Islands. The company decided to disclose information about the main features of Phoenix gas development, as well as the environmental and social aspects by means of virtual meetings in September 2022.

With Total Austral’s initiative, these gatherings were specially focused on the Tierra del Fuego community interests and concerns around the project. The workshops were attended by 21 local organizations that had a chance to read Phoenix release documents in advance, as part of their informed engagement.

Contents --specially designed for these workshops- were delivered by Total Austral representatives along with the technical team from Ezcurra & Asociados environmental consulting firm that was commissioned the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). From the company’s side, presentations were delivered by Claudia Borbolla, Manager, Public Affairs at Total Austral; Bertrand Szymkowski, Director, Tierra del Fuego Asset; Mauricio Aguirre, Manager, Tierra del Fuego Asset Acceptability and Performance.

Total Austral’s experts conducted the exchange of ideas and answered specific questions about the project operating details, and the scope of tasks performed during the ESIA.

In March 2023, Total Austral held a meeting with Tierra del Fuego community in the city of Rio Grande. Within the framework of its networking plan in Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and Southern Atlantic Islands, the company called upon various players of the province to discuss and share information about Phoenix project, the activities performed by CMA concession operator, and the sustainability strategy and initiatives about the island.

This activity was conduced in OSDE Foundation’s auditorium with the attendance of provincial authorities, such as the Province Secretary of Hydrocarbons, Alejandro Aguirre, and the Undersecretary of Environment and Public Space at the Municipality of Rio Grande, Rodolfo Sopena. Also in attendance were social referents, union leaders, armed forces and security members, trade and industry representatives, mass media and important personalities from Tierra del Fuego.

During this event, Total Austral executives shared details about Phoenix Project --a major gas development for the province and the country; and they also reported about the sustainability strategy and activities the company is performing today, and has been performing for about 45 years continuously now.

Presentations were made by Marcelo Reinó, Manager, Tierra del Fuego District; Mauricio Aguirre, Manager, Tierra del Fuego Asset Acceptability and Performance; María Paula Daniello, Senior Coordinator, Social and Corporate Social Responsibility Management, and Ana Berbel, Coordinator, Local Development Support Program.



In November 2023, an open meeting was held with the community of Puerto Santa Cruz (closest town to the Punta Quilla logistics base, province of Santa Cruz) with the aim of explaining the Fenix project and the role of the base in offshore campaigns in general and in this particular project. After the presentation, there was an opportunity to exchange with the community and answer to their questions. Finally, as a closing, an agape was shared with them. This meeting took place on November 14th 2023 at the town's Community Integration Center. The presentations were given by Claudia Borbolla (Public Affairs Manager of Total Austral), Carlos Lopez (Head of Punta Quilla Base) and María Paula Daniello (Senior Social Performance & CSR Coordinator). About 50 people attended, including the outgoing and elected mayors of the town, representatives of the port union, directors of the three local educational institutions, business owners and residents in general.