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To be a leading company in energy transition we must maintain an exemplary and faultless conduct, in line with our values.

In this context, our values are the pillars on which we build this ambition: Safety, Respect for each Other, Pioneer Spirit, Stand Together and Performance-minded.

Two of these values are at the very core of our collective ethics and our Code of Conduct: the first one is "Safety" and the second one is "Respect for each Other". Together, they form the basis of our corporate responsibility model, along with respect of laws and human rights, rejection of fraud and corruption, exemplary management of natural resources and our environmental impacts, and transparency in the commitment to our stakeholders.

The TotalEnergies Code of Conduct presents our guidelines for conduct, the international rules and standards applied and the commitments derived from all these elements vis-à-vis our stakeholders. We invite you to read the full document, which brings together the ethical principles that guide our day-to-day business.